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6 Side-Effects After Brain Injury – Headaches

September 29, 2020

Headaches are one of the most common side-effects after brain injury. Hence, the four types of headaches you can experience after a brain injury are:

1. Tension Headaches 

Tension headaches after a brain injury can feel like your head is being squeezed at your temples. Stress and depression often accompany tension headaches. 

2. Migraine or Neurovascular Headaches 

Migraine headaches account for about twenty percent of post-traumatic headaches. Researchers believe migraines are from changes in the blood flow inside the brain.

3. Post-Traumatic Headaches

This kind of post-traumatic headache is common after a brain injury.  We usually relate this type of headache to a neck injury involving ligament, muscle, and/or joint injury.

4. Musculoskeletal Headaches

Musculoskeletal headaches are quite common after a Traumatic brain injury (TBI). This type of head produces pain in the muscles or bones of the head, neck, shoulders, and/or jaw (see below) can be a source of head pain.

5. Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJD) Headaches

TMJD sometimes occurs after trauma and involves injury to the “chewing” muscles around the jaw, or the jaw joints themselves. These types of TMJD headaches are typically on the side of the head or the temple regions.

6. Neurotic and Neuralgic Stabbing Pain

Neuralgic pain from a traumatic injury due to the nerve in the scalp, face, and upper neck. This nerve trauma can happen result in head discomfort or headaches with numbness, sensitivity, shooting pain, and or stabbing pain.

Source: Dr. Nathan Zasler is an internationally respected neuro-rehabilitation physician who specializes in acquired brain injury

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