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Auto-Pedestrian Death

Auto-Pedestrian Death

October 7, 2020

Auto Pedestrian death


Your Chances of Auto-Pedestrian Death Increases With Age.  

Older vehicle drivers are at the highest risk of being killed in a motor vehicle accident because of declines in vision, ability to recall, and physical changes. Pedestrians aged 65 and older accounted for 20% of all pedestrian deaths, according to The U.S. Dept. of Transportation’s Traffic Safety Facts 2017 DataCDC reports 20% of pedestrians age 14 and under died in traffic crashes.

50% of Pedestrian Accidents Causing Death Involve An Alcohol-Impaired Driver 

Pedestrians—walking inside the crosswalk or with the right of way—get hit by a car or truck can suffer serious injuries, like facial fractures, broken legs, shoulder injuries, head trauma, and even death. 

Type of Vehicles That Strike Pedestrians

What kind of vehicle collides with a pedestrian often determines which body part hits the car first. For example, if a car strikes a pedestrian, usually their legs hit the car first, the head hits the windshield, and the body lands on top of the car.

wikiHow offers four tips on how to survive an accident as a pedestrian

  1. Seek to protect your head with your arms.
  2. Aim for the safety glass
  3. Try to get on top of the hood
  4. Stay on designated walkways when possible.

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