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Auto-Pedestrian Death

Should I go to trial or settle my personal Injury case?

October 10, 2021

Should I go to trial or settle my Personal Injury case?

Initial settlement offers:

Adjusters call and throw an offer out without ever seeing your medical records or bills. Insurance adjusters do not expect you to take their first offer.   When the point comes, and it will come, you will have to settle or proceed to trial in your Illinois personal injury case.

Consider these 5 things before deciding to go to Trial or settle in your personal injury case?

  1. Will a jury like you? 
  2. Will you cooperate and participate in your injury case to the extent necessary for you and your attorney to present an accurate picture
  3. Are you credible?   Do your symptoms match your medical records and statement to the responding police officer? Do your x-rays or MRI confirm your reported symptoms. For example, it hurts when you try to move your arm and x-ray shows you have a broken arm.  Are you exaggerating your symptoms or underreporting your pain?
  4. Liability Is Clear? Did you do anything that could’ve contributed to the accident?
  5. Damages… what are your total specials? Did you have surgery? Will you need future surgeries? How much do they cost??

Brain surgery and back surgery fall into the top fifty most expensive hospital costs in the United States. 

Hospital Costs for Brain Surgery: 

  • A decompressive craniotomy is a type of brain surgery that is the third-highest hospital procedure in the United States, at $112,000 before insurance
  • The brain procedure performed to drain clear fluid in the skull and bring down the pressure on the brain costs less than half that amount, $49,000. 
  • A third brain surgery to fix an inflamed bone tissue from a bacterial infection usually costs $50,000.

Hospital Costs for Back Surgery: 

  • Laminectomy is a type of back surgery procedure to relieve back pain and other symptoms.  This back surgery has a hospital cost of about $73,000, before insurance
  • Hospitals charge roughly $47,000. for a spinal cord surgery, without vertebrae fusions
  • Spinal fusions are another nearly $70,000.

Waiting for trial or a “just” settlement is tough when your medical bills are piling up.  7-ways to pay  down for medical treatment while you wait to go to trial or settle your personal injury case.

  1. File med pay claim to help cover co-pays 
  2. Treat on a lien basis
  3. Loan family members, not third-party loans.
  4. If you have no health insurance, find out if you qualify for 
  5. Apply for hospital/ medical group financial assistance 
  6. Break your 401(k) and request a medical exception for early withdrawal
  7. Ask foundations for financial support like Catholic Charities and Red Cross



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