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Brain Injury

Rest, Surgery, or Rehab? Treatments for Chicago Brain Injuries

September 14, 2021

Treatment for Brain InjuriesChicago Brain Injuries

For victims of mild head trauma, such as concussions, treatment may be as simple as taking over-the-counter pain medication, resting, Chicago and scheduling follow up visits with a doctor. Other times a concussion can have residual and secondary effects from the one or more brain injures 

Treatment of moderate or severe Chicago traumatic brain injury accidents, however, is administered in three stages. Initially, the goal of treatment is to stabilize the patient. Once stabilized, the patient is evaluated and a treatment plan is mapped out. Following evaluation and the development of a treatment plan, the patient receives rehabilitation.


After a brain injury, a patient is rushed to an Illinois emergency room for medical treatment. The patient may be given oxygen, medication, or put on life support. Air supply, intracranial pressure, and blood flow will also be monitored. If necessary, the victim may have surgery to remove blood clots and repair fractures.

Once the head trauma victim has stabilized, health care professionals will fully evaluate the extent of the injury. Based upon the patients’ disabilities, overall health, and long term prognosis, the medical team will create a thorough long-term treatment plan.

Many victims of moderate to severe Chicago brain injuries require rehabilitation to learn to carry out basic daily functions such as walking, eating, and talking. Treatment may include physical, occupational, emotional, and speech therapy. Depending on their individual treatment plan, patients may remain in an in-patient rehabilitation facility for weeks, months, or even years.

Illinois brain injury treatment is very expensive and you may be entitled to compensation. Consult a Chicago brain injury lawyer today by calling our office at (847) 651-7191 or complete our online form for a free consultation.

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